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VOLT is a home care brand with a portfolio of sustainable cleaning products. With the increasing need for environmentally conscious products in day to day use, VOLT is constantly developing solutions with a fresh approach.

Volt Story

Like any fairy tale, VOLT too began as a dream. The idea of VOLT was born while walking down isles of a super market looking for a detergent that doesn’t smell like ‘soap’. Not only do regular home care products come loaded with cheap chemicals that harm our kids and pets at home, but also cause large scale devastation to marine life worldwide.

Since we weren’t ready to stop doing our laundry or scrubbing the dishes, our quest began to develop solutions that aren’t only chemical free, but also smell like a dream!

Unlike fairy tales, we take pride in our proprietary formulations first to market approach towards our products in India.

Conscious Living

VOLT beads are an ideal choice for anyone with concerns about health or the environment because the products are also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

We take pride in creating products that are safe for the environment and you. As most of our effluents land up in oceans, our products do not harm marine life.

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