VOLT Home at Pernia's Pop Up Show- Feb 2019

VOLT HOME launched it's 'In-Wash' Fragrance Boosters at Pernia's Pop Up Show.

Being Mumbai's premier shopping website for designer wear and innovative home brands and decor, Pernia's Pop Up Show, organized by the team behind Pernia's Pop Up Shop was the ideal place for the brand to launch.

Fragrance Boosters are new to the Indian market and the need of the hour was to educate visitors on how the product is used. Our team created a mock washing machine in order to explain directions better. Also being the first time we were showcasing our branding, we set up a standee and easel with the VOLT logo printed in large to build brand recognition. Several electric scented oil diffusers were positioned around the stall for visitors to follow the fragrance of Lavender in the air.

Over the span of two days, 600 single wash packs were distributed against collection of potential client contact details. Clients interaction was through olfactory means:

- VOLT beads were placed in bottles that could be picked up and sniffed.

- Towels, bed sheets, T shirts and other day to day laundry fabrics were washed in VOLT and placed in a laundry basket for visitors to smell results on.

On interacting with over 600 people at the event, we gained large insight into consumer mindset and sales strategies. VOLT will actively take part in similar exhibitions and trade shows regularly to reach out to a mass audience.